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Club Fittings

Club Fitting 2021 & Beyond….

The days of picking a driver or set of irons off of the rack at the local discount store should be a thing of the past. If you are serious about your game or just want to get the most out every swing; the next step is to have your golf clubs properly fitted, including fairways, hybrids, wedges and putter. And with the advent of launch monitors, getting professionally fitted is easier and more accurate than ever!

The Full Swing simulators/launch monitors at Yankee Trace are NOT mundane video games with fancy screens; these high tech machines are equipped with super fast cameras and precision guided lasers to capture the path and club face angles during a golf swing. The flight of the ball is tracked with doppler radar as it crosses two infrared light waves that measures ball speed, backspin, launch angle and direction at the speed of light. Ball-Flight-Tracking This precise data is used by golf club manufacturers to design, build and fit the best players on the planet and club professionals at your local golf course are now using these same simulators to fit golfers of all skill levels resulting in better performance and lower scores.

Let’s take a look at one of more important variables that launch monitors record; ball speed. The speed at which a golf ball leaves the clubface dictates the maximum distance a ball can travel through space. Just as every golfer produces different ball speeds; golf clubs and golf shafts produce different results depending on a golfer’s swing’s characteristics as well. The chart below demonstrates how a player’s ball speed determines the range for acceptable launch angle and revolutions per minute in order to produce maximum distance:

Ball SpeedLaunch AngleBackspin RateCarry Distance
120 mph 15º – 17º 2500 – 3300 rpm 196 yards
130 mph 14º – 17º 2400 – 3100 rpm 215 yards
140 mph 13º – 17º 2350 – 2950 rpm 233 yards
150 mph 13º – 16º 2300 – 2800 rpm 252 yards
160 mph 12º – 16º 2200 – 2650 rpm 271 yards
170 mph 11º – 15º 2000 – 2400 rpm 289 yards

It’s clear that a golfer with 120 mph ball speed must  produce a higher launch angle and create more backspin than a golfer with 170 mph ball speed to effectively propel a golf ball. This is where the art of clubfitting meets the science of physics. A trained professional can put together various club heads and club shafts to allow any golfer to meet the target numbers and maximize performance.

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At Yankee Trace, our new Full Swing simulators are outfitted with the most current launch monitor software. Call the golf shop at 937.438.GOLF (4653) to schedule an appointment for better golf!