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Lesson Programs

The Academy at Yankee Trace

The Professional Staff at Yankee Trace teaches the game of golf by tailoring lessons to the need of each player. By emphasizing sound fundamentals, we can enhance your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and make your golfing experiences enjoyable. Each lesson is taught by a Yankee Trace Certified Teaching Professional.

Private Instruction

-Half-Hour Adult Lesson: $60
-Half-Hour Adult Lesson Series I: 3 for $150
-Half-Hour Adult Lesson Series II: 4 for $180
-Playing Lesson Combo: 3 lessons + 1 on-course $210
-Half-Hour Junior Lesson (ages 17 & under): $35
-Half-Hour Junior Lesson Series: 4 for $120
-Half-Hour Junior Lesson Series: 10 for $250
-One-Hour Semi-Private Lesson (2 students): $80

Adult Group Classes

Q30 **Quality Group Lesson Program**

This Lesson Program is the most complete golf instruction platform ever created and is ideal for beginners, intermediate or brand new golfers.  Simply put, there is no other program quite like it.  In fact, our PGA Professionals are so confident in its curriculum they are guaranteeing positive results in 30 days or less. It’s simple:  Follow the course as outlined below and your overall game will not only improve, it will be built on solid fundamentals able to stand the test of time.  May – July, $145 per person (limited space available)

Starting Dates for each month:

Session 1
Monday, May 1 – Friday, May 26     SOLD OUT!!
Session 2
Monday, June 5 – Friday, June 30   SOLD OUT!!
Session 3
Wednesday, July 5 – Monday, July 31

The Plan:  A new session begins each month.  Every enrolled student is granted unlimited access to any or all of the events listed below for 30 days.  The agenda includes up to 12 hours of instruction, multiple play days at greatly discounted fees, secrets to the game and much, much more.  Sign up TODAY!

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Class Content includes:  Putting, chipping, pitching, irons, woods, driving, practice drills, power tips, tempo and rhythm, rules and etiquette, course management strategies, question and answer sessions and many more specialized formats.

Plus every student receives: 10% discount on all non-sale merchandise, 2 for 1 Range Bucket Days, Green Fee Special Days, Monthly Calendar listing the month’s lesson plan,  Stretching & Warm-up exercises

Off-season Instruction

Off-season instruction is available in the indoor practice facility located on the ground floor of the clubhouse.  Off-season lesson specials only available November – March.

-Half-Hour Adult Lesson Series: 4 for $140
-Half-Hour Adult Lesson Package: 8 for $240

Professional Staff

Steven Marino
PGA Class “A”
PGA Head Professional

Matthew Dulli
1st Assistant Professional

Jordan Liddy
2nd Assistant Professional


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